Here we go again.

In the virtually even congressional race, with Republican challenger Claudia Tenney leading Democrat incumbent Anthony Brindisi by all of 12 votes….

…55 more votes have been “found”.  A month after the election.  In Chenango County.

Given that Ms. Tenney won Chenengo County by a large margin – 61.6% to 35.2% – logic would have it that this probably will increase her lead over Mr. Brindisi, maybe by 10 or so votes.  In other words, no change in the result.

To overcome Tenney’s 12 vote lead, Brindisi would need 34 of these votes; a 62% – 38% bulge that would be an almost exact reverse of how the rest of the county voted.  That is very, very unlikely.

But this is New York and these ballots magically materialized a month after the fact.

To me, late ballots are like fish.  After a few days, they start to stink.  The stink gets worse ever day afterwards.  And this is a month afterwards.

So let’s see where these magic month-old 55 votes take things.  And don’t be surprised if…..well, let’s see.


UPDATE:  According to Steve Howe’s article in the Utica Observer-Dispatch, 11 of the 55 “found” votes are from unregistered voters.  Presumably, therefore, they should not count.

This means that, of the remaining 44, Democrat incumbent Anthony Brindisi would have to win 29 (66%) to overcome Republican challenger Claudia Tenney’s current 12 vote and move ahead – in a county that voted heavily Republican this year.

Stay tuned.

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