Well, the machine recount for Florida’s Senate race is finished…except for Broward and Palm Beach counties.

In the rest of the state?  Republican Rick Scott gained votes rather than losing them.

His original victory margin melted by tens of thousands of votes in Broward and Palm Beach, down to about 12,500…until Democrat Board of Elections Supervisors Brenda Snipes (Broward) and Susan Bucher (Palm Beach) were subjected to real scrutiny.  But now, with everyone watching, and Snipes in particular outed as a serial election miscreant?  Don’t expect any miracle for Democrat Bill Nelson.

Bye-Bye Bill.  Don’t let the senate door hit you in the ass on the way out.  And take Brenda and Susan with you.  Please.

Oh, and while I have not seen the final recount vote for Governor, be assured Democrat Andrew Gillum, still down by over 30,000 votes, is not going to fare any better than Nelson will.

UPDATE:  I would like to retract my comment that Andrew Gillum would not fare any better than Bill Nelson in the machine recount.

That recount has been completed, and Andrew Gillum actually increased his vote total…

…by a grand total of 1 vote. That’s right, a single vote.

Only 30,000 more to go and he can settle for a tie.

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