Here are the final results of yesterday’s key primary races in Florida and Arizona:


As mentioned last night, in the Democrat Senate primary, Patrick Murphy demolished congressman with guts who’s nuts Alan Grayson.  The final tally was 59% – 18%.

And, making it a family affair, Grayson’s new wife Dena, who ran for the congressional seat he vacated to run for the senate, lost to Darren Soto.  In fact, she came in third, also being outdistanced by Susannah Randolph.

Does this end Alan Grayson’s political career?  I’m betting it doesn’t.  I’m betting that, in 2018, he’ll either run for his old congressional seat or to replace Democrat incumbent senator Bill Nelson.  But, at least for the present, Florida has disgorged itself of Mr. Grayson.

On the Republican side, Marco Rubio easily won his primary with 72% of the vote, and will face Murphy in the general election.

One other note of interest here:  Debbie Wasserman Schultz may have resigned in disgrace as head of the DNC, but the voters in Florida’s 23rd district, like lemmings rushing to the sea, have given her another primary victory, by a somewhat modest 57% – 43% margin (close by Wasserman Schultz standards) over equally leftist challenger Tim Canova.  Since a Democrat primary win in the 23rd is a pretty much guaranteed win in the general election, we’ll have DWS to be amused by for at least the next two years.

In Arizona, John McCain managed to stave off a challenge by State Senator Kelli Ward and win his primary to continue as a U.S. Senator.  He will face a potentially stiff challenge from congressperson Ann Kirkpatrick, who gave up her seat in the house and was uncontested in the Democrat Senate primary.

This should make the race to succeed Ms. Kirkpatrick in congress more than a little interesting.  The Republican primary winner is Paul Babeu who, for the past 9 years, has been sheriff of Pinas County.  Mr. Babeu, who is a strong proponent of border security, is also a gay man – something, we often are told, is a contradiction in terms for any Republican…

…a little like we are told Blacks will not consider voting for Donald “what have you got to lose?” Trump this year.

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