Exactly what you’d expect.  Democrats accusing Trump of betraying the trust of the nation, and Republicans pointing out that the articles of impeachment contain no specific crimes, and nothing that the constitution defines as impeachable.

Twelve motions were put forward by Democrats, with the intent of getting information that, if were really serious about it, would have been demanded during the house hearings.  Everyone was rejected by the Republican-majority vote.  With a single, one-vote exception, every one was rejected completely along party lines.

And, let’s always remember, the basis for this impeachment is a claim that President Trump demanded a quid pro quo – an investigation of the Bidens in return for U.S. aid to Ukraine.  But Ukraine was sent the money – every cent of it – without an investigation taking place.  And, in any event, President Trump’s intention for asking (not demanding – read the transcript) that an investigation take place is unprovable.

In other words, as I pointed out three months ago, this is The Seinfeld Impeachment:  an impeachment about nothing.

Sum value of the first day, therefore?


Don’t expect more today.

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