Did you know that there was a horrible famine in three African countries?  And it was coming to a head right now – just as Donald Trump looks to reduce the massive amount of foreign aid we dole out to the rest of the world?

That heartless bastard.


…maybe it isn’t as bad as being reported.  Maybe it isn’t coming to a head right now.  Maybe it was brewing for years, and went virtually unreported by the same media which suddenly is discovering it…coincidental to Donald Trump taking office and making good on one of the campaign promises he was elected to make good on.

Excerpted from the (typically) excellent piece by John Hinderaker at

Liberals can’t deny that it is possible to cut foreign aid in favor of domestic spending, as the president has promised to do. But they will resist any change from Barack Obama’s policies and, wouldn’t you know it, the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II has come along just in time to shore up their case:

The world’s largest humanitarian crisis in 70 years has been declared in three African countries on the brink of famine, just as President Donald Trump’s proposed foreign aid cuts threaten to pull the United States from its historic role as the world’s top emergency donor.

What a coincidence!

If the deep cuts are approved by Congress and the U.S. does not contribute to Africa’s current crisis, experts warn that the continent’s growing drought and famine could have far-ranging effects, including a new wave of migrants heading to Europe and possibly more support for Islamic extremist groups.

I would call this a subtle form of blackmail, except it isn’t subtle.

The conflict-fueled hunger crises in Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan have culminated in a trio of potential famines hitting almost simultaneously. Nearly 16 million people in the three countries are at risk of dying within months.

This is an absurd claim, unless “at risk” means “at almost no risk.” Worldwide, only around 55 million people die each year, of all causes, mostly old age. That includes, as of 2011, approximately 9.5 million in all of Africa, of whom approximately “400,000 people died in Africa as a result of ‘nutritional deficiencies’ in 2011.” So it appears ridiculous to assert, as the Associated Press does, that 16 million may die of famine in just three countries–Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan.

But if you take seriously the AP’s claim that 16 million people are in danger of dying–approaching three times the toll of the Holocaust–the moral case for military intervention is overwhelming. The AP explains that the projected famine in three African countries is not because rain isn’t falling, it is because Islamic terrorist groups are making agriculture difficult:

South Sudan has been entrenched in civil war since late 2013 that has killed tens of thousands and prevented widespread cultivation of food. In Nigeria and Somalia, extremist groups Boko Haram and al-Shabab have proven stubborn to defeat, and both Islamic organizations still hold territory that complicates aid efforts.


Wait a minute.  If the civil war has been going on for over three years, and this is the reason for the impending world-class famine that Donald Trump is supposed to be facilitating…

…shouldn’t President Barack Obama have done something about it in the more than three years of it when he was President?

Not a word about that.

And if the combination of civil war with control of enough land/resources by terrorist groups “complicates aid efforts”, wouldn’t those efforts be similarly “complicated” no matter how much we put toward relief?

And why the HELL is it us doing this anyway?  What the HELL is the United Nations supposed to be doing?  Isn’t this why it exists?  Or is it too busy cooking up more formal condemnations of Israel to bother with millions of people dying  due to war-induced famine?

My heart goes out to the people in those (and other) countries who suffer mass death due to the ignorance, hatred where they live – whether by starving or being slaughtered for having the wrong beliefs.  But it is long past time the countries where it takes place, and the international organizations that, supposedly, exist to deal with it, actually started doing so.

I have no problem with us being the world’s foremost helper in this regard.  I’m proud of it.

But we have domestic issues too.  Others, besides us, have to, finally, step up to the plate and deliver.

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  • The AP should receive the Walter Duranty Award for Honest Journalism.

    [ Walter Duranty, Pulitzer Prize Winning NY Times Moscow Bureau Chief 1922-1936, was an apologist for Stalin.

    Duranty fabricated excuses for the Ukraine famine of 1932-33, denying it actually occurred. The truth was 5-10 million deaths occurred due to starvation, primarily caused by government seizures of food stocks and harvests.

    The New York Times, which submitted his work for the Pulitzer Prize in 1932, wrote that his articles constituted “some of the worst reporting to appear in this newspaper” – Karl E. Meyer, The Editorial Notebook; Trenchcoats, Then and Now
    Published: June 24, 1990]

    PS: The Pulitzer Prize folks refuse to rescind any award, once it is granted.

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