I do not know for sure which individual, group or country was responsible for Friday’s assassination of mohsen fakhrizadeh, the reputed mastermind of Iran’s nuclear program (the general assumption – not without good reason – is that this was done by Israel).

But whoever or whatever was responsible, I offer my profuse thanks.

For those of you unaware, here is a pretty good idea of what happened, via excerpts from Ryan Saavedra’s article for

New details emerged on Saturday about the targeted killing of Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who top U.S. and Israel intelligence officials say was behind Iran’s clandestine nuclear weapons program.

“Driving a carefully circuitous route to the home of his in-laws in a city outside Tehran, Mr. Fahrizadeh’s car was stopped Friday by a car bomb in a Nissan so laden with explosives that it knocked out a power line, according to Iranian news media and witness accounts,” The New York Times reported. “A squad of gunmen then leapt from a black S.U.V., overpowered his bodyguards and unleashed a barrage of gunfire before speeding away as Mr. Fakhrizadeh lay dying in the street.”

Between 2010 and 2012, at least four top Iranian scientists linked to the nation’s clandestine nuclear weapons program have been eliminated during targeted operations.

The elimination of Fakhrizadeh may make it significantly harder for the incoming-Biden administration to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal, a flawed deal that lifted international sanctions on Iran in exchange for Iran accepting limits on its nuclear program.

“The Israelis may well be betting that they win either way. If Iran holds off on significant retaliation, then the bold move to take out the chief of the nuclear program will have paid off, even if the assassination drives the program further underground,” The New York Times reported. “And if the Iranians retaliate, giving Mr. Trump a pretext to launch a return strike before he leaves office in January, Mr. Biden will be inheriting bigger problems than just the wreckage of a five-year-old diplomatic document.”

Let’s remember that it is Iran which runs massive demonstrations in the streets of Tehran with supporters of its terrorist leadership chanting “Death to Israel” and “Death to the United States”.

Am I supposed to be upset that someone instrumental in creating the tools for these lunatics to try and make good on those chants was taken out? Don’t hold your breath waiting.

So let me end by again offering my profuse thanks to whomever or whatever took out mohsen fakhrizadeh…with the hope that, circumstances permitting, it can do the same for anyone else of importance to Iran’s attempt at creating nuclear weapons.

As for a retaliation against Israel?  If Iran is going to try one, let it be before next January 20th.  I assume you know why I feel this way.


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      In addition to hindering the Iranian nuclear threat,
      the cooperative action further cements close ties between Israel and Arab nations.

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