This is the first paragraph of Kyle Cheney’s article at, titled “Lawmakers to force Trump to formally condemn white supremacists”:

Congress is preparing to put a bipartisan squeeze on President Donald Trump to condemn white supremacists and commit his administration’s resources to combating domestic terrorism by neo-Nazis and other racist groups.

How many times has Trump condemned White supremacists and nazis?  Are we still in double figures, or did we hit triple figures yet?

But every time he does, someone says “yeah, he condemned them but he didn’t say it this way, only that way, or some such BS….and we’re supposed to pretend each new condemnation doesn’t count.

Over and over and over again this has happened.   And every time it does, the suggestion is inherently put forward that Trump has never condemned either hate group.

This is now farcical.  At what point is enough enough?

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