First the “Russia dossier” was “proof” that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

Then, when it was challenged as nothing more than an opposition-research piece for Hillary Clinton, it was claimed that this was not true – it was paid for, at least initially, by Republicans.

Then, when it became clear that no one but Hillary Clinton Democrats procured and funded the dossier, it became an irrelevancy – nothing to do with the Independent Counsel probe. Move along, sheeple, nothing to see here.

And now, as the documents – after torturous legal battles – have been obtained and the actual relevance of this unverified opposition-research document to the Mueller “investigation” is likely to become clear?

I’ll let Kimberly Strassel tell you about it in her latest commentary for the Wall Street Journal, via

There’s no such thing as a coincidence in Washington, so why the sudden, furious effort by Democrats and the media to give cover to the Steele dossier? As in, the sudden, furious effort that happens to coincide with congressional investigators’ finally being given access to FBI records about the Trump-Russia probe.

This scandal’s pivotal day was Jan. 3. That’s the deadline House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes gave the Federal Bureau of Investigation to turn over documents it had been holding for months. Speaker Paul Ryan backed Mr. Nunes’s threat to cite officials for contempt of Congress. Everyone who played a part in encouraging the FBI’s colonoscopy of the Trump campaign—congressional Democrats, FBI and Justice Department senior career staff, the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama political mobs, dossier commissioner Fusion GPS, the press corps—knew about the deadline and clearly had been tipped to the likelihood that the FBI would have to comply. Thus the dossier rehabilitation campaign.

Weeks before, the same crew had taken a desperate shot at running away from the dossier, with a New York Times special that attempted to play down its significance in the FBI probe. You can see why. In the year since BuzzFeed published the salacious dossier, we’ve discovered it was a work product of the Clinton campaign, commissioned by an oppo-research firm (Fusion), compiled by a British ex-spook on the basis of anonymous sources, and rolled out to the media in the runup to the election. Oh, and it appears to continue to be almost entirely false. When the best you’ve got is that a campaign orbiter made a public trip to Russia, you haven’t got much.

But with Congress about to obtain documents that show the dossier did matter, it was time for a new line. And so the day before the Nunes deadline, Fusion co-founders Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch broke their public silence to explain in a New York Times op-ed that what really matters was their noble intention—to highlight Donald Trump’s misdeeds. The duo took credit for alerting the “national security community” to a Russian “attack.”

The fact that most mainstream media have not debunked, derided and dismissed this “dossier” long ago is a testament to how far they have fallen as a source of honest information.

And the fact that, with relatively few exceptions, they have not laid out the likely reasons pro-Clinton/anti-Trump operatives moved heaven and earth to try to keep this information from being obtained and analyzed makes them look even worse.

Now:  what will they say if it turns out that the dossier was, in fact, the basis for Mueller’s 9-months-and-counting witch hunt to prove “collusion” which no evidence has ever been found to support?

Expect nothing.  Based on their performance so far, you’ll be betting on the heavy favorite.


  • The Russian . Collusion

    • That’s a lot of sions to waste on something that remains completely unproven, and nothing more than a political attack from Democrats – who, if they actually cared about Russian collusion in elections, would be looking at the mounds of evidence implicating their candidate, not Trump.

      And that’s before we get to the fact that, unless it can be proven that money changed hands, “collusion” (i.e speaking with foreign nationals about how to win the election) isn’t even illegal: a little something that, due to the way it has been presented by media, most people don’t know.

      How much did Clinton & Co. pay for that dossier?

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