michael avenatti, the lawyer for stormy daniels  became a media darling – most especially for CNN.  Then (in no particular order):

-he tried to undo Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court with the ridiculous, absurd claims by someone named julie swetnick (both are under criminal investigation for this farce)

-we found out that he stood accused of extracting millions of dollars from a coffee company he owned, while stiffing employees, landlords and others;that were supposed to go to employees

-we found out that he owed millions in unpaid taxes.

-we found out that his law firm was evicted from its offices for unpaid rent.

-we found out that he was ordered to pay $4,850,000 to Jason Frank, a former colleague….

….and now we find out that he was arrested for beating his former wife.

avenatti’s exuse?  “She hit me first”.

Is this the last we will see/hear of michael avenatti?  I doubt it.  As Dumbledore said of Voldemort, “there are ways he can return”.

But we can hope, can’t we?

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