Ken Berwitz

Question, from Associated Press Reporter Matt Lee to State Department spokesperson John Kirby:

 “Hedoes have a point, maybe it shouldn\’t be driven by political deadlines so thatthe results of the review that the State Department is responsible for come outafter the election but maybe it should be driven by wanting to get it outbefore the election. In fact, as soon as possible. Can you commit to gettingthe results of this review into the top secret into the classified the one thathe\’s talking about before there is a general election in this country.” 

Answer, from Kirby:

 “I\’mnot going to commit to a specific timeline. The secretary wants this review tobe done thoroughly, and accurately and efficiently and he\’s not going to allowhimself, or the process or the department to be driven by the politicalcalendar on this. The argument that we should be ever mindful of that, andwhile I don\’t agree with the logic, I understand where you are coming from. Thecounter logic to that would be is that we are politicizing what needs to remaina completely apolitical process here. What the American people have a right toknow is how these things were handled, and how the state department has met ourobligations in terms of properly preparing these documents for their release.There are other agencies involved.”

Translation:  “I am the spokesperson for the State Department in a Democrat administration, and Hillary Clinton, who headed the State Department for four years, is running for President. So you can stand on your head and whistle Dixie for all I care, you are not going to see any results before the election because we\’re not going to help any Republican win.  And if our stonwalling this information gets her though the election and she\’s the next President, if think you\’ll see anything that damages her after the election you\’re out of your mind.”  

If you want to hear Kirby stumble and bumble through this dog and pony show, you can watch it below.

Pathetic to the nth degree.  And as obvious as a bull in a china shop.

Oh, one other thing:  Here is what FBI Director James Comey, a man with a reputation for straight-shooting (what\’s he doing in this administration???) had to say, just yesterday, about the FBI\’s involvement:

“As you know we don\’t talkabout our investigations. What I can assure you is that I am very close,personally, to that investigation to ensure that we have the resources we needincluding people and technology. And that it is done the way the FBI tries todo all of its work: independently, competently, and promptly. That\’s our goaland I\’m confident that it\’s being done that way but I can\’t give you any moredetails than that.”

Lots of luck, Mr. Comey.  You may be doing everything right.  But will the administration you currently toil for allow it to see the light of day before November?  

Better decide what you\’ll have to say about it if the answer is no.

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