While channel surfing the cable news networks over the last day – i.e. since John Durham’s inquiry about the 2016 election was – presumably based on the evidence he has uncovered – elevated to a criminal investigation…

…I listened to one anti-Trump commentator after another attempt to dismiss this action as nothing more than political revenge, with little or no basis in fact.

I also have heard and read several demands that Barr either recuse himself from the investigation or resign or be impeached.

And, all the while, I’m thinking to myself that this is a bit strange, since, for three years now, I have been blogging about:

-the obvious deep-state actions which took place in an effort to undo the 2016 elections,

-the FISA court giving a go-ahead for what became the Mueller investigation, based primarily on what turned out to be an unverified opposition research dossier,

-and read the emails obtained by Judicial Watch under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) which made it clear that this is what deep-staters like peter strzok and his lover/cohort lisa page had in mind.

I also recall spending the last three years writing blog after blog citing information ongoingly obtained by a precious few venues – Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson’s TV shows, and immediately comes to mind…

…and a few commentators courageous enough to buck the media blackout of this information to report these facts as they emerged – John Solomon, Sara Carter, Andy McCarthy and Greg Jarrett (among others) come to mind…

… detailing the specific actions of people like Mueller and his all-Democrat/no Reublican staff, headed by ethics-challenged pit bull andrew weissmann, the lies of clapper and brennan, the incriminating emails of strzok and page, etc. etc. etc.

Want an example?  Ok.  Here’s one of the many, from August 18, 2018 – well over a year ago.  Or how about this one, from March 17 of last year?  And there are  many more as well.

The bottom line?  This investigation is not some hail mary pass at the end of the game to try to change things, this investigation involves information that has been out there all this time and damn well SHOULD have been investigated ALREADY.  Information that would have been investigated if President Trump had not made one of the most serious misjudgments of his presidency by appointing Jeff Sessions his Attorney General.

It is very late in coming.  But now, at least, it is coming.

Compare what went on with the players mentioned above, to the “impeachment inquiry” – conducted entirely behind closed doors, over a telephone call in which President Trump asked – not demanded, asked – for an investigation related to the 2016 election and to how Joe Biden’s political power and influence was used to enrich his son.  See which of the two holds more water.

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  • I don’t know how Trump does it. I don’t believe anyone would be able to withstand all that he has. Palin quit being Governor of Alaska because she couldn’t handle even 1/10 of what Trump has endured.

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