Ken Berwitz

Somewhere down the line, I don\’t know how, I wound up with something called “Driver Restore” on my computer.

Every night about this time it puts up a message telling me my drivers are ok and asking me to register my computer – a message which takes several clicks to remove, a procedure my wife has yet to master (which means I\’m called in to do it for her), and generally annoys the crap out of me..

I think it must be a pretty schlocky outfit, because it doesn\’t even spell things correctly – unless they mean it when they say “Driver Restore alters you when your device drivers are out of date or missing”, in which case I really want to get rid of it because I don\’t want to be altered. 

I don\’t want Driver Restore, I didn\’t ask for it, and I don\’t know how to get rid of it (it isn\’t called “Driver Restore” on my program list).

Any help anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated.  

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