What is the real scandal of the 2016 presidential election?

Margot Cleveland, writing for, nails it just about perfectly.  And, believe me, we’re not talking Trump/Russia collusion.

Here are a few excerpts:

Last week when Andrew McCabe launched his Orange Man Bad tour, he stunned the public with claims that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein suggested using the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office. Reaction on the hill came quickly, with Sen. Lindsey Graham calling the claim “beyond stunning.”

But the supposed consideration of the 25th Amendment shouldn’t be the focus of the outrage.

The true scandal is not the swirling gossip that Rosenstein mentioned the 25th Amendment, but what has been front and center for more than two years: It’s the dossier, stupid!

It’s the dossier, its funding, its creation, and its use. It’s the leaks, the sabotage by political appointees and career DOJ and FBI agents, the media’s complicity, and the triggering of a special counsel, all with the end goal of removing the duly elected president by pressuring Trump to resign or face impeachment.

While we may never learn the full scope of this sting, what is known makes “Spygate”—for want of a better term—the worst political scandal in American history: A dossier funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign, and authored by a former British spy (Christopher Steele, who despised Trump), falsely claimed Trump and individuals connected to his presidential campaign conspired with Russia. The dossier was shopped to multiple media outlets and passed off to the Obama administration’s DOJ, FBI, and State Department, as well as several members of Congress and their staffers.

The FBI then used confidential human sources and other allies, such as Stefan Halper and Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, to target members of the Trump campaign to establish a pretext to launch an investigation of the Trump campaign and to obtain a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act surveillance order on former campaign advisor Carter Page. Multiple governmental officials signed off on the Page FISA application without reading it, and the FISA court granted the surveillance order based on double-hearsay and claims made in the unverified dossier. That surveillance order gave the government access to past communications of Trump campaign members.

There is more, of course, which is why I urge you to use the link I’ve provided above and read Ms. Cleveland’s entire piece.

But the point she makes – that this is a huge scandal, arguably the biggest such scandal in U.S. History (personally, I consider it #2 to the 1876 election fraud) is undeniable…

…as it is undeniable that mainstream media have buried it so deep you’d have to go to China and launch a rocket ship from there to find it.

And if you did find it, you’d have to sort through the other Democrat scandals – Fast and Furious, Uranium One/the major fortunes reaped by the Clintons for it, the awan brothers classified information breach and Hillary’s emails to name a few, that it would be sitting among.

Notice a pattern here?

I write a lot about how partisan and compromised this country’s mainstream media are.  It is “coverage” like that of the Steele dossier that tell me, if anything, I understate.

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