As you no doubt are aware, the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), will start another phase of the “impeachment inquiry” farce tomorrow.

This will be very instructive, because it gives us an opportunity to explore the difference between something and nothing.

When you have something…

…you call witnesses who say things like “I heard him say it” or “I saw him do it” or “Here’s the physical evidence he did it”.

When you have nothing,…

…you call witnesses who say “I’m a constitutional scholar and, while I didn’t hear him say it or see him do it or have physical evidence he did it, I will offer my opinion of how you can read the law in a way that would suggest there were impeachable offenses, but please be aware that there are other constitutional scholars who have opposite opinions and will come to the opposite conclusion.”

Remind me:  which of these two witness types is Jerrold Nadler calling to testify tomorrow?

I hope this has been helpful.

Have a nice day.

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