As you are probably aware, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis used the term “monkey” when referring to his newly-nominated Black Democrat opponent, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum.

Should he have used that word when talking about a Black opponent? Frankly, no he should not have. Regardless of what his intent was.

But, that notwithstanding, what was his intent in using it?

Well, here is what DeSantis said.  Listen to it, pay attention to the context, and decide for yourself if it was meant as a racist slur:

If your answer is that, yes, he meant it as a racial affront, a few questions for you:

-Why would DeSantis do it?  What possible benefit could he derive?

-How does a negative “monkey” reference square with DeSantis’s other comments in the same statement – specifically his characterization of Gillum as an “articulate spokesman”, “charismatic candidate” and someone who “performed better than the other people” he ran against?

-Is there any doubt that the intentional use of that word as a racial slur would be seen as anything but negative?

-Is there any doubt that Democrats and most media would jump all over it to claim it “proves” DeSantis is a racist?

Those are worth thinking about.

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  • He did not call him a monkey or imply he was a monkey. The monkey comment was targeted to the voters, I’m guessing he that he meant don’t muck it up. Regardless, another example of cries of racism when it doesn’t exist.

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