John Kass is a long-time columnist for the Chicago Tribune.  Good for him.

He is also, in relative terms, a conservative columnist for the Chicago Tribune.  Bad for him.

Mr. Kass’s July 22 column, titled “Something grows in the big cities run by Democrats: An overwhelming sense of lawlessness”, dared to do what you rarely find in mainstream media today.  It discussed the leftward lurch of law enforcement in major cities today, and specifically noted that this was in no small part the result of prosecutors being elected with money supplied by george soros and his various “political action” committees/groups.

By so doing, Mr. Kass committed the heinous sin of identifying and uncovering a significant part of what is happening in the United States that has been suppressed by most of our media – including the paper he writes for.

And now Mr. Kass is under heavy attack for it.

I’m going to deal with this issue in two parts.  First, I will show you key excerpts from the July 22 commentary (in the fervent hope that you will use the link supplied above and read it all).  And then, in my next blog, I will show you excerpts from his July 29th commentary, in which he talks about the consequences of what he wrote the week before.

From July 22:

President Donald Trump is sending federal law enforcement into the big cities run by Democratic mayors, where murder and gang shootings are out of control and where once vibrant downtown areas are on their way to becoming ghost towns.

And naturally, the Democratic mayors, backing Joe Biden, are on the defensive, upset that the president might win political advantage, even as the mayors feud with their own police departments, as the violence rises in their towns, as children are gunned down.

But these Democratic cities are also where left-wing billionaire George Soros has spent millions of dollars to help elect liberal social justice warriors as prosecutors. He remakes the justice system in urban America, flying under the radar.

The Soros-funded prosecutors, not the mayors, are the ones who help release the violent on little or no bond.

If Trump truly wants to help the cities, he might privately call the mayors and ask them about the prosecutors backed by Soros.

These prosecutors are among the few politicians in America who have delivered on their promises. They promised to empty their jails through the social justice warrior policy of “decarceration.” They also help give repeat, violent criminals little or no bond when arrested.

And in many of the violent cities, the prosecutors have delivered on their promises, not to keep the violent in jail, but to let them out.

You can see that something is growing in the big cities:

An overwhelming sense of lawlessness.


There is a lot more to this commentary than what you just read.  I ask you again, to please, please, use the link and read every word.

And then please read my next blog, which excerpts Mr. Kass’s July 29th column.

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