If you are a political junkie, you might respond to the title of this blog by asking “What agenda” – since Democrats, as a party, are providing virtually no specifics at all.

But do not doubt for a minute that the agenda is there.

And Investors Business Daily (IBD), in its latest editorial, has nailed that agenda perfectly.

A few key excerpts:

2018 Elections: If Democrats take the House this November, the one and only item on their legislative agenda will be to keep the Trump administration buried under useless, politically motivated investigations. So much for their “For the People” slogan.

As the New York Times put it, Democrats “are discarding the lessons of successful midterms past and pressing only a bare-bones national agenda, leaving it to candidates to tailor their own messages to their districts.”

Democrats do have an agenda, however, one they plan to pursue with abandon should they take the House: Tie the Trump administration up in endless investigations, then hope they can stitch together something to justify impeaching the president.

According to the news site Axios, House Republicans have put together a list of 100 actions Democrats will certainly take if they win in November, based on what Democrats have already tried to pursue so far.

But the list only starts there. They will no doubt drag out Trump’s tax returns and his past business dealings from a decade ago. They will relentlessly attack every member of Trump’s cabinet in hopes of driving more out of office. They will turn over every nook and cranny looking in search of anything they can label a “scandal.”

And you can bet the mainstream media will play along.

House Speaker Paul Ryan — who won’t be around to see any of this since he’s retiring this year — had it right when he said that “what you’ll have is absolute gridlock.”

We have no problem with Congress holding the executive branch to account when it abuses the public trust. But no matter what your view of Trump, purposely keeping him buried for the next two years under politically motivated investigations and trumped up impeachment charges isn’t going to do the country any favors.

A question for you:  forgetting what you think of Donald Trump personally, are you happy or unhappy with how things have gone for us since he became President?

Or, put another way, are you happy or unhappy with, among other things;

-A soaring economy; over 4% GDP growth and, based on the fundamentals, even higher growth to come;

-Unemployment at near-record lows in total, with all-time record lows for Black and Hispanic workers;

-Lower taxes for just about everyone;

-Dramatically reduced tax rates and fewer regulations for corporations, which have enabled them to finally compete on a more even playing field with the rest of the world;

-Raises and bonuses for millions of workers based specifically on the lower tax rates and fewer regulations;

-An increase of over 400,000 manufacturing jobs (so far), which most “experts” said could not ever happen;

-NATO nations finally starting to pay something remotely approaching what they should have been paying all along for us to protect them;

-A new trade deal with Mexico that moves us significantly toward trade equity – with Canada, now left out in the cold, virtually certain to quickly follow;

-A long-overdue hardline stance with the European Union on trade, almost immediately resulting in major concessions which benefit us;

-The progress with North Korea which, so far – even if denuclearization does not materialize (the jury is still out on that one) has gotten us back our hostages, the remains of some of our fallen soldiers (with, we hope, more to come) and the opening of a dialogue with South Korea for the first time since 1953,

-A stronger immigration stand for the purpose of reinstituting our borders as something more than a joke.

Is this OK with you?  Or would you rather have the President who facilitated these things stifled every possible way to prevent him from doing more for the entire remainder of his current term?

Election day is coming.  The choice is yours.

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