This election season, the Democrat Party (at least as  of now) has established that, to participate in its first two presidential debates, candidates must generate at least 1% in three or more national or early-primary-state polls, and/or receive donations from at least 65,000 people/entities, including at least 200 individual donors in at least 20 states.

According to Paul Mirengoff of, this means that, with these criteria in place, the first two debates will include:

-Pete Buttigieg;
-Kamala Harris;
-Beto O’Rourke;
-Bernie Sanders;
-Elizabeth Warren;
-Andrew Yang;
-Joe Biden;
-Cory Booker;
-Julian Castro;
-John Delaney;
-Kirsten Gillibrand;
-John Hickenlooper;
-Jay Inslee;
-Amy Klobuchar;
-Tim Ryan;
-Tulsi Gabbard…

…with who knows how many more to come.

I doubt you need me to tell you that this has all the earmarks of an impending debacle.  But now let’s talk specifics.

How will they organize the debates?

Mr. Mirengoff tells us they will have debates on consecutive nights with up to 10 candidates in each…unless the party winds up with more than 20, in which case it will create some kind of rating system to cull it down to the 20 maximum.

Who will be in each debate?

Right now it seems that there will be a mix of major and minor candidates in each…which, if done this way, insures the major candidates won’t be able to directly address each other, but will have to deal with going-nowhere nonentities who, without having to worry about actually winning, might ask seriously controversial questions with the potential to upend a candidacy.

Where will the debates be held?

Well, the stage at Radio City Music Hall comes to mind.  If dozens of Rockettes can fit, it seems likely the Democrat field will too.  Of course, there’s always the Bronx zoo.  Or maybe Rome can lease out the coliseum.

Will the debates be interesting to watch?

Well, without Donald Trump riding roughshod over the competition (small hands, women who bleed from places, that kind of, er, less than elevated commentary), probably less so than the 2016 Republican debates.  But who can tell for sure.

I guarantee I’ll be watching…

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