Ten minutes in and the political blood is flowing big-time.

This is all-out war – mostly on Bloomberg and Sanders… With Bloomberg, in particular, getting a royal butt-kicking.

I don’t expect it to elevate even one inch.   If anything, the carnage will get worse. Much worse.


UPDATE:  So far, Pete Buttigieg sounds the most reasonable and sincere.   For some reason, Sanders is attacking him more than anyone else. I wonder why?

UPDATE:    Did Bloomberg actually try to take credit for getting us through 9/11????  He wasn’t even the mayor then. Bloomberg didn’t take office until January, 2002 – over three months afterwards   I can’t wait to hear what Rudy Giuliani, was the mayor then, has to say about this.

UPDATE:   Elizabeth Warren just absolutely massacred Michael Bloomberg on the non-disclosure agreements he has with women who were either harassed, intimidated, etc. in his workplace. She challenged him to release the women from those agreements so that they could tell their story. He is refusing to do so. The audience is cheering Warren wildly.

UPDATE:  Joe Biden is not talking.  He is in perpetual angry, raised-voice mode. I don’t think that’s doing him any good.

UPDATE:   Not important, I admit, but Pete Buttigieg looks like he did not shave today.

UPDATE:   Sanders is having a terrible night.  He is screaming out what amounts to a socialist agenda…which, no doubt, is thrilling a great many hard left Democrats, but is anathema to just about everybody else.  That said, however, since hard leftists disproportionately will be voting in Democrat primaries, this may wind up being a plus for him.

UPDATE:  Did Biden really just say that he never made any money until he wrote a book?  That must have been some hell of a book, considering how wealthy he is now.  And what about every member of his family making untold millions of dollars because of the power and influence he wielded?

Ok, getting tired.  Will finish/sum up tomorrow.

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