From Sean Hannity’s show last night on Fox News (the only network talking about this):

Gregg Jarrett and Judge Jeanine Pirro reacted to news that top DOJ official Bruce Ohr was used as a “conduit” between the department and ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele even after the FBI cut ties with Steele over alleged untruths.
Jarrett said Mueller is “looking in all the wrong places” for corruption and crime when he examines President Donald Trump’s records.
“Documents show the FBI and DOJ knew the [Steele-Russia] dossier was phony [and that] Christopher Steele was a liar,” Jarrett said.
He said that the DOJ using Ohr as such an intermediary between Steele and U.S. officials after they cut ties is “really the definition of corruption.”
Jarrett noted that a third prong of the issue at hand was that Ohr’s wife, Nellie, worked for opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which helped fund the dossier.
Sean Hannity said Fusion GPS also received money connected to Hillary Clinton, which added to the controversy.
Jarrett called the entire ordeal a “shameful episode” in the “legacy” of then-FBI Director Jim Comey.


Every word of this is true.  The documents showing this were finally released – forced to be released, more exactly –  just last week.

But not one word of it is likely to be reported on ABC, NBC or CBS.

They’re in too deep.

After a year and a half of  ignoring/suppressing what now is massive evidence that the Clinton campaign colluded with foreign nationals, and the information it bought and paid for was used to get the FISA warrant against President Trump, to talk about it now is to have to explain why it was ignored/suppressed all this time.

That is the state of our media today.   Desperately withholding information that has become public, because it shames them by proving their own partisanship.

It is  why the term “fake news” resonates.

And the fact that Fox News reports it is one of the reasons Fox is so despised by the rest of them (more on this in the next blog).

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  • because it shames them by proving their own partisanship.

    First, I don’t believe they are capable of feeling shame.
    Second, I would change partisanship to collusion.

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