As I write this, the senate legislation created by Republicans and Democrats over several days last week, then blocked by Democrats with 11th-hour new demands, remains in limbo.  And the nancy pelosi wing of the Democrat Party has put out a political manifesto posing as legislation which no one in her or his right mind expects to go anywhere.

Readers of this blog certainly do not have to wonder how I feel about Democrats’ behavior.  But I thought you might also be interested in what a U.S Senator – John Kennedy (R-LA) has to say about it.

Here, via Shelby Talcott’s article for, are some of his choice words, voiced on the Senate floor yesterday:

“Do you know what the American people are thinking right now, Mr. President?  They’re thinking that this country was founded by geniuses. But it’s being run by a bunch of idiots.”

“Do you know what the American people are thinking right now, Mr. President? They’re thinking, ‘why do the members of the United States Senate continue to double down on stupid?’ Now, this is not a Republican bill, Mr. Chairman. This is a bipartisan bill.”

“It’s not a bailout,” Kennedy argued. “It provides up to $350 billion for small businesses for the next eight weeks to keep going, and if they don’t lay anybody off, the bill — the loans are forgivable.”

“(I urge you to) stop thinking about the next election (and) pass this bill.”

Harsh words.  Very blunt and very direct.

But which part of Senator Kennedy’s diatribe do you disagree with?

Personally, I’d be hard pressed to disagree with any part of it at all.

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  • Sounds like good advice and comprehension. However we are stuck with a President vs Congress until American Citizens recognize the quagmire! He has acted for citizens as any manager with a soul and respect for this nation. He is not perfect but is the best leader since Abraham Lincoln who also could work with and without a cooperative congress!

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