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More than 20 House Democrats are planning a grueling 12-hour-long public reading of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the Russia investigation in its entirety, except for the redacted parts, on Thursday.

At the forefront of the spectacle is Pennsylvania Democrat Mary Gay Scanlon, vice chairwoman of the House Judiciary Committee, who’s been rallying other Democrats to join her in the public reading of the report that found no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, though it also noted there are 10 instances that could qualify as an obstruction of justice.

I wonder:  will they read the part that says mueller and his all-Democrat team could not find any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, and that they found insufficient evidence to pursue any charges of obstruction of justice?  Or will they skim by those inconvenient passages to get to the good stuff:  innuendo and insinuations that did not rise to obstruction, but sound good if you say them with the right tone of voice?

What happened to the Democrat Party?

As someone who has voted for more Democrats than I can remember, and who strongly supports a vibrant two-party system, I lament the turn this party has taken in recent years.

Is this really Mary Gay Scanlon’s idea, or is it another slice of idiotic partisan hackery from her boss on the House Judiciary Committee, chairperson Jerrold Nadler?

There has GOT to be something more productive for Democrats to spend their time doing than desperately trying to keep the mueller report alive, while pretending it says something it does not say.

If I were a Democrat member of congress, I’d be a lot more worried about the current investigations of how the mueller investigation was started in the first place – i.e. whether the FISA court was lied to, who did the lying and who aided/abetted it –  then performing a recital of the mueller report.

Don’t count on them doing a public reading of the reports from any of those investigations.

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  • How is it the Democrat Party not only still exists but actually wins elections with its history of racism?

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