Chutzpah is a yiddish word that has, over time, become an english word as well.  It means extreme audacity/gall/nerve.

This week we have a name attached to that word.  It is Arthur Gregg  “A. G.” Sulzberger, the 37 year old, fifth-generation publisher of the New York Times.

As anyone who reads The Times must know, it has spent the last two years doing virtually nothing but pummeling Donald Trump – first as a candidate and then as President – every way it can think of.  There is nothing Mr. Trump has done, or has been accused of doing, that The Times has not been happy to publish.

And over that time we have seen attack after attack against people who support Mr. Trump – from his Press Secretary, to cabinet members, to members of congress to people on the street who dare to wear a “MAGA” hat or t-shirt.  Some of the attacks have been verbal/confrontational and some have been violent.

So, when Sulzberger met with President Trump last week, what subject did he want to discuss?

Why, how President Trump’s criticism of “fake news” and his use of the term “enemy of the people” to describe media which engage in “fake news”, are endangering journalists.

Can someone list out the journalists who are being aggressively confronted in the street?  Denied service in restaurants?  Shot at and almost killed, like Rep. Stephen Scalise and his fellow Republicans on a softball field last year?  Violently attacked, like Senator Rand Paul?  Cursed at, spat on and physically attacked, like numerous Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats or t-shirts?

No, the problem is not media that have done everything they can to demonize Trump and torpedo his presidency.  The problem, you see, is that Trump fought back and said something about it.

THAT, folks, is the definition of chutzpah.  Even my yiddish-speaking grandparents – who would never have supported Donald Trump – would have said the same.

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  • is that Trump fought back and said something about it.

    How I had wished President Bush had done the same. Bush just let the media print lie after lie and never said anything about it. It may have even emboldened them to the point where we are now, 90% of what they write are lies.

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