What is the latest news regarding the deep state’s effort to remove President Trump?

In answer, let me show you the beginning of Andrew McCarthy’s (typically) excellent commentary at

Something tells me Glenn Simpson did not make a mistake. Something tells me the co-founder of Fusion GPS was dead-on accurate when he testified that Christopher Steele told him the FBI had a “human source” — i.e., a spy — inside the Trump campaign as the 2016 presidential race headed into its stretch run.

When he realized how explosive this revelation was, Simpson walked it back: He had, perhaps, “mischaracterized” what he’d been told by Steele, the former British spy and principal author of the anti-Trump dossier he and Simpson compiled for the Clinton campaign. 

Simpson gave his testimony about the FBI’s human source at a closed Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on August 22, 2017. He did not try to retract it until the uproar that followed the publication of his testimony on January 9, 2018. The latter date is significant for reasons we’ll come to.

A Spy and a Stonewall
Simpson’s testimony on this point is worth revisiting because of a pitched battle between the House Intelligence Committee and the Justice Department. Essential reporting on the controversy has been done by the Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel (see here and here). On Thursday, she related that, yet again, Congress had faced down a DOJ/FBI attempt to stonewall the committee’s probe of investigative irregularities during the 2016 election season — particularly, abuse of government surveillance powers, which the Obama-led agencies used to monitor the Trump campaign.

Unable to get voluntary cooperation, committee chairman Devin Nunes (R., Calif.) issued a subpoena demanding that the Justice Department disclose information about a top-secret intelligence source who is said to have assisted the Russia investigation. That investigation is now being run by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But more interesting is how it got started.

I have intentionally stopped the excerpt at a point where it teases additional, extremely trenchant information.  That is because I very much would like you to read Mr. McCarthy’s entire piece.  And, every bit as much, the two links he provides to Kim Strassel’s material.

This is a sham.  A farce.  A travesty.  A cover-up.

This is the deep state, infested with Obama/Clinton operatives, in conjunction with robert mueller’s Democrat-packed “investigation” and a sickeningly complicit mainstream media, trying to overthrow the 2016 presidential election.  Nothing less.

Can they do it?  Maybe.  Don’t underestimate these people.

After all, what would it cost…other than the integrity of the country?

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