In the Old South, political candidates used to try to win by “out-segging” their opponents; that is, by proving they were a more dedicatedly segregationist.

These days, in that same competitive, er, spirit, we have two candidates for Governor of New York State trying to out-left each other.  And their efforts have gone from annoying, to barf-inducing, to comical.

If you live in or near New York, as I do,  you no doubt have seen the barrage of advertising by incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo assuring us that he hates Donald Trump’s guts, and supporting every left-wing cause known to mankind.

And, in answer, Cynthia Nixon, who has virtually none of the monetary or media resources Cuomo commands, is trying to out-left him by promising that she will “tax the rich” to pay for fixing the New York City subway system. This is on top of her “tax the rich” promise (in June) to pay for single-payer insurance and ( in July) to upgrade the state school system.

What’s next guys?  A promise to make nicolas maduro the state’s economic czar?

it will be interesting, and more than a little amusing, to watch Cuomo try and pivot back to the moderate center once if/when he wins the primary.

Sadly, there are more than enough suckers among New York State voters who will believe him when he does, to insure that his out-lefting strategy keeps him in the Governor’s mansion.

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