As pointed out in an earlier blog, Bernie Sanders thinks that Fidel Castro did a great thing by booming up literacy in Cuba.

That so, Bernie?

Here, for whatever it’s worth, is Wikipedia’s explanation of Cuba literacy under Castro:

Before 1959 the official literacy rate for Cuba was between 60% and 76%, largely because of lack of education access in rural areas and a lack of instructors.[4] As a result, the Cuban government of Fidel Castro at Che Guevara‘s behest dubbed 1961 the “year of education” and sent “literacy brigades” out into the countryside to construct schools, train new educators, and teach the predominantly illiterate guajiros (peasants) to read and write. The campaign was “a remarkable success.” By its completion, 707,212 adults were taught to read and write, raising the national literacy rate to 96%.[4]

Assuming the above information is accurate, the claim is that, in 8 months flat, castro’s “literacy brigade” taught 20%  – 36%  of the entire Cuban population -mostly from rural areas of Cuba (thus hard to find, impossible to put together in classrooms and probably exhausted from working the land all day) to read and write.

If you believe that you probably believe in unicorns and the tooth fairy.

Can this really be what Bernie Sanders is selling to us?  What he thinks actually happened?

Unbelievable…but he is claiming it anyway, isn’t he?

If Sanders is not challenged on this during tonight’s Democrat debate,  I will be astonished to the max. How could it not be challenged?

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