For whatever it’s worth…

the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll has just been published.  It shows that, after a month of daily lambasting by our media – the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post being front and center among them -President Trump has shown a significant upward move in how he is viewed by the public.

Trump, who trailed Biden in this poll by 56% to 39% as recently as last October, and trailed by 52% – 44% just last month, now is behind by just 49% to 47%.

And he is doing it during a time when the major networks and newspapers have done their level best to demonize President Trump and blame him for the COVID-19 crisis.

If these data are accurate – a big, BIG “if” as I always point out – it means that, despite media’s best efforts, a lot of people in the county are happy with how President Trump is handling this, or that Joe Biden has been such a disastrous candidate over the past month that he is losing support over it, or both.

Personally, I think it’s a combination of the two.

But will it continue?  Will the COVID-19 recession/depression, which seems so inevitable, change people’s minds?  We’ll have to wait and see.  But it is where we are now.

More on this as new polling is released.

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  • Perhaps this crisis has a silver lining, maybe since so many are off work, more people will see just what liars media and the left are????

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