What you are about to see occurred at the  Athletes Unleashed gym, located in the Orchard Park section of Buffalo, New York.

This is what happened when “the law” – absent any actual laws – walked in and tried to shut it down:

What was your reaction to this?  Anger?  And, if so, at which side?

Expect three things to happen in the near future:

  1. The owners of this establishment will be arrested and charged;
  2. Despite their being arrested and charged, what you just saw will be repeated by other business owners – so many that even the arrogance of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo won’t be enough to do much about the “insurrection” his lockdown is causing;
  3. It is going to be repeated in other states, as people – in desperation – refuse to be told they cannot support their families and conduct their lives.

It’s coming.  I have little doubt about that.

Now, since Joe Biden spent an entire campaign suggesting that the COVID-19 pandemic could be micromanaged from Washington D.C., what will a Biden administration do about it?

Tell them to wear more masks?


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