Are you aware that two of the four FISA warrants, which started the entire progression of Mueller’s investigation and, now, the impeachment farce, were ruled BS by a FISa court judge (and the other two are rafting on thin water as well)?

And do you know who signed off on those warrants, thereby swearing they were verified and correct?

Excerpted from Sean Davis’s article at

Authority granted to the federal government to secretly wiretap and spy on former Trump affiliate Carter Page was “not valid,” the nation’s top spy court noted in a secret ruling penned earlier this month. The order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), which was created and authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), was initially signed and issued on January 7, 2020, but was not declassified and released until Thursday afternoon.

(FISA court presiding judge James) Boasberg’s ruling noted that DOJ had not yet taken a position on the lawfulness of the first two applications against Page, but was currently collecting information to assess whether those two spy applications were also invalid. The invalid applications specified by Boasberg were dated April 7 and June 29 of 2017. The false and invalid April 7 application was personally signed by James Comey, while the false and invalid June 29 application was signed by Andrew McCabe. Both men were referred for criminal prosecution by the inspector general. Former deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, who is alleged to have offered to wear a wire against President Donald Trump, also signed off on the false June 29 FISA warrant against Page.

A note to james comey, to andrew mccabe – and, quite possibly Rod Rosenstein as well:  your time of reckoning is one step closer.

You better hope to hell Donald Trump isn’t re-elected, thus given four more years to fight through the swamp which has protected you so far, and nail you with what you appear to so richly deserve.

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