Is it possible?

Can these arrogant people, the ones who seem so confident that the deep-state apparatus will shield them from being called to account for their actions, finally be heading for their much-deserved come-uppance?

From Kevin Johnson’s article for USA Today, we have this:

The secretive court that approves sensitive government surveillance requests said Friday that a lack of confidence in the accuracy of FBI surveillance requests “appears well founded,” and ordered the bureau to show whether errors in documents supporting 29 wiretap requests may have rendered the surveillance invalid.

The directive from Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Judge James Boasberg comes just days after an internal Justice Department review found new problems with the FBI’s management of wiretap applications, concluding that the documents supporting the requests routinely contained errors or “inadequately supported facts.”

A DOJ inspector general’s analysis of 29 surveillance requests from eight FBI field offices during the past five years concluded that “we do not have confidence” that the bureau followed standards to ensure their accuracy.

This order, it seems evident, is directly aimed at people like james comey, john brennan, andrew mccabe, peter strzok, lisa page and james clapper (among others), who used the apparatus of government as if they were third-world dictators, answering to no one.

Democrats – who were just fine with their actions when they aimed at member of Donald Trump’s team – had better hope to hell Republicans do not win the house back in November.  Because if they do, the mechanism for holding these people to account will most assuredly be put into operation.  And even their complicit media won’t be able to hide it – not completely, anyway.

A very limted thank-you to Judge Boasberg for this ruling.  Why, because his action is 100% warranted, 100% necessary….and years too damn late.  FISA warrants, based on the steele dossier, should never have been issued in the first place.

The thank-you, therefore, is because his action is better late than never.

I hope he now makes up for the lost time.

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  • How many dangerous people are going to be released because of what the fbi has been caught doing??? How many cases are going to have a judicial review? How many are locked up because of evidence from FISA warrants? Defense attorneys are going to be having a field day because of this.

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