In the previous blog I referred to michael cohen as a slimeball.

He has nothing on adam schiff (D-CA).

From Andrew O’Reilly’s article for

President Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen said Wednesday that he and his legal team spoke with top Democratic Reps. Elijah Cummings and Adam Schiff before his testimony in front of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

In a testy exchange between Cohen and Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., the president’s former lawyer said that his legal team has spoken to members of the Democratic Party ahead of Wednesday’s hearing on Capitol Hill.

“We’ve spoken to the party,” Cohen said, adding that he has also spoken with Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, “and his people” but added that he only consulted with his lawyers to prepare for the hearing. Cummings is chairman of the House oversight committee that held Wednesday’s hearing.

Elijah Cummings Chairs the house oversight committee.  It is common practice for someone who will testify before that committee to speak with the chair beforehand.

But adam schiff is not on that committee.  He has absolutely no standing regarding cohen’s testimony there.

He is, however, chair of the house intelligence committee, where cohen will be testifying to today, in closed door session,

What do you suppose he spoke to cohen about?  What do you suppose they discussed about cohen’s testimony?  What do you suppose Schiff “advised” him to say?

Maybe we have a hint from the fact that, after testifying to the oversight committee yesterday, schiff got in front of the cameras (he has replaced Chuck Schumer and the biggest publicity hound in congress) to tell us cohen’s testimony had “bolstered his credibility”.

A reminder – adam schiff has spent months telling us that michael cohen had no credibility at all.

But now that schiff sees a benefit to what cohen might have to say?  Now that cohen is singing the Democrats’ tune?  Suddenly he’s a worthwhile source of unevidenced hearsay.

This reeks.  Anything either michael cohen or adam schiff are involved with seems to reek.  And this reeks more and more every day.

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