Did you know that CNN is suing the Trump White House?

No I’m not making this up. It really is.

The lawsuit demands that the Trump Administration reinstate Jim Acosta press pass, which was revoked after roughly the 9,346th time he behaved like a petulant jerk at a briefing.

Specifically, CNN is suing President Trump, Chief of staff John Kelly, Trump Press Seccretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and  – if that weren’t incredible enough – the secret service agent who took Acosta’s pass from him.

To the best of my knowledge, the person who opened the door to let Acosta out of the briefing room and the barista who served him his half-caf latte that morning were not included in the lawsuit. Not yet, anyway.

And what grounds does CNN think it has to file this suit?

According to Geoff Earle’s article in London Daily Mail:

The network claims the revocation of Acosta’s press pass violates the constitutional rights to freedom of the press and due process. CNN is asking for an immediate restraining order to reinstate Acosta’s access to the White House.

The suit ‘demands the return of the White House credentials of CNN’s Chief White House correspondent, Jim Acosta. The wrongful revocation of these credentials violates CNN and Acosta’s First Amendment rights of freedom of the press, and their Fifth Amendment rights to due process,’ according to a CNN statement.

Uhhh…why is this a first Amendment freedom of speech issue? Because if it is, why don’t I have a press pass too? Don’t I have first Amendment and freedom of the press rights? And how about you? And everyone else?

And if Jim Acosta doesn’t have a press pass, isn’t CNN free to send someone in his place? The Trump Administration didn’t revoke press passes from everyone at CNN, only his.

Maybe if Jim Acosta had demonstrated a maturity level in excess of the 4th grader who was finally punished because he kept spitballing the girl in front of him, this would not be an issue.

In other words, maybe it’s time CNN re-thought its idiotic lawsuit and, instead, had a little talk with Jim Acosta.


  • Does cnn believe its own lie? They would have to in order to do this. I hope it goes in front of a real judge and not a democrat selected cheater.

  • I ran across this.

    Sarah Sanders pointed out that CNN has nearly 50 additional hard pass holders and that Jim Acosta is “no more or less special than any other media outlet or reporter with respect to the First Amendment.”

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