Ken Berwitz

Do you believe that the various major scandals swirling around Hillary Clinton – the ones she tries to blow off with a wave of her hand and the patented Hillary Horselaugh – are not worrying her or her staff?  

Then read this excerpt from Amie Parnes\’ article at  See if you still feel the same way:

John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton\’spresidential campaign, says there are “serious questions” about the integrityof the State Department Office of Inspector General (OIG). 

The OIG is locked in an increasingly contentious fight withClinton\’s campaign on a host of issues, including her use of a private emailaccount during her time as secretary of State. 

It has also reportedlysubpoenaed the Clinton Foundation for documents related to charity projects andis investigating close Clinton aide Huma Abedin\’s work as a “special governmentconsultant” while she worked at State. 

A source within the OIG contacted The Hill claiming that theoffice has grown increasingly partisan, accusing it of having an “anti-Clinton” bias. 

Told by The Hill about the remarks, Podesta described thesource as a “whistleblower” whose comments called into question the integrityof the OIG investigations. 

Yep, the Office of the Inspector General -in a Democrat administration with a Democrat-appointed Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, who was appointed by President Obama in 2012 – is a partisan, anti-Clinton juggernaut.  

There\’s a paradigm of credibility and logic for you.

Right up there with a “whistleblower” – unnamed, therefore impossible to verify as being real – who says everything the Clinton administration would want to be said about the OIG office, as it closes in on her email and the Clinton Foundation.

You can smell the stench from D.C. all the way to central Jersey.  When I read Podesta\’s “information”, its odor was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Are Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and her people worried?  You bet they are.  And – if the OIG doesn\’t get scared off (it certainly has happened on behalf of Bill and Hill in the past), they damn well should be.

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