Yesterday we found out that, in going Hillary Clinton’s emails – the ones that, Ms. Clinton told us, were unrelated to her term as Secretary of State – the FBI has uncovered at least 30 which are specifically related to Benghazi.


That not only makes Hillary Clinton a liar again, but raises the huge issue of what information is on those emails, and whether it substantiates the charges that Ms. Clinton’s dereliction was at least partly responsible for a terrorist attack on the U.S. compound there which resulted in the death of four Americans, one of them our Ambassador.

How did the network news shows handle this?

The answer:  they didn’t.  According to Nicholas Fondacaro’s article at, there was not one second of coverage about these emails last night.

Not one second of coverage from CBS.  Not one second of coverage from NBC.  Not one second of coverage from ABC.  On a story that is of monumental importance; one which potentially blows the lid off of a presidential campaign.

If there are any people left who still wonder how completely the three major networks are operating not as news venues but paid propagandists for the Clinton campaign, this should tell them.  Loud and clear.

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