President Trump has caved in on the citizenship-question issue.

Rather than revamping his request to satisfy Chief Justice Roberts and continuing to fight it in the courts – which could take an extended period of time and, possibly, could still be lost – he has pulled the Kennedy- suggested strategy of declaring victory (by saying he’ll try to get the information other ways) and leaving the field.

This is a great victory for the people who do not want the country to know how many illegals it has.  And the same people who also do not want there to be voter IDs when people vote.  And the same people who also want open borders, so illegals can stream in at will, with no vetting procedure no way to identify them and no place to put them.

At some point, I would like to think the people of this country realize what is happening here.  That if untold numbers of illegals come in, we don’t know who and where they are, and there is no way to check to see whether they are voting in elections….

I have intentionally left off the end of my last sentence.  Instead, I will offer my “congratulations” to Chief Justice John Roberts, whose vote against a citizenship question will provide the end of that sentence for me.

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