If the following report, excerpted from Katie Mansfield’s article in London’s Daily Express is even partially true, it is no surprise at all:  no surprise that it happened, and no surprise that media, in their never-ending attempt to tell us only what they want us to know, have hidden it from us.

HUNDREDS of Christian refugees have been sexually abused and beaten by Muslims in migrant camps in Germany, a shock new report reveals.

The latest figures are “the tip of the iceberg” according to Christian advocacy charity Open Doors. 

Some 743 Christians and 10 Yazidis were the victims of religious motivated attacks between February and September 2016, with some of victims aged five to 12 years old. 

Migrant centres in Germany must do more to protect Christians from the attacks with are said to “occur frequently and nationwide” at the hands of some Muslims in the camps.

According to the report, 91 per cent of Christians and Yazidis surveyed accused Muslim migrants of carrying out the violent attacks, with 28 per cent accusing camp guards.

Open Doors estimates the actual number of attacks could be in the thousands with just 17 per cent of those surveyed reporting the crimes to police.

Many did not report the attacks to the authorities out of fear.

Christians are said to have suffered sexual assaults, violence and death threats in camps across Germany. 

Christian minorities are ongoingly treated this way in the countries these “refugees” (in reality, immigrants – there is a big difference) have come from.  Did anyone think this would magically change in Germany?  Could anyone be that ridiculously naive.

How many of the “refugees”, do you think, left their home countries because they wanted to become a part of German culture, versus how many who left because their side was losing, and Germany had so many freebies to offer that it was worth passing through other countries to get there?

Is the mix of “refugees” still disproportionately young and male?  Are they still leaving the women and children behind to fend for themselves?  We used to see statistics about this – highly damning ones.  Now we see nothing.  Why?

At some point, enough people will wake up to what is happening in Germany to demand that the tidal wave of unvetted people from places with cultures alien to theirs and no apparent intention of assimilating will stop.  But not yet.

Too bad for them.

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