This morning I watched a “news” report about grafton thomas, the “man” who invaded the home of a Rabbi in Monsey, New York and slashed a half dozen orthodox Jews before being subdued.

The report assured me that thomas was mentally challenged, thus anti-Semitism was not the reason for his action.

To me, that was fraudulent on its face.  Classic fake news.

A mentally challenged person who decides to slash people with a machete, does it in some random location.  He doesn’t purposefully drive 30 miles out of town to a specific location to start slashing.

But, in case there was any doubt about the motivation for this attack/ how fake that report was, here is an excerpt from Priscilla DeGregory and Bruce Golding’s just-published article in the New York Post:

Accused Monsey stabber Grafton Thomas kept journals filled with anti-Semitic writing and used a cellphone to search for “Zionist Temples,” including on Staten Island, according to court papers filed by federal prosecutors on Monday.

Thomas filled several pages in his journals with statements that expressed his affinity with the anti-Semitic “Black Hebrew Israelite” movement and questioned “why ppl [people] mourned for anti-Semitism when there is Semitic genocide,” according to a criminal complaint filed in White Plains federal court.

Yes, grafton thomas is a sick man.  But – fake news notwithstanding – part of his sickness is anti-Semitic hatred.

And Democrats – a lot of them – who are now desperately trying to lay this attack off on Donald Trump, as if the grafton thomases of the world give a damn what Trump has to say about anything, are sick in their own way.

Politicians who play cheap political games with anti-Semitic violence – pretending the rash of attacks in New York City isn’t the product of left wing Jew hatred and, disproportionately, Black Jew hatred – are giving a free pass to the people committing it.

They are, in a very real sense, the enablers of such attacks;  both this latest one, and the ones that surely will follow.

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