What a great “triumph” for Milwaukee’s Century city project!

What kind of “triumph” am I talking about?  These excerpts from Nick Williams and Mark Kass’s article for tell the story vividly.

Following backlash from elected officials and anti-slaughterhouse organizers, meat production company Strauss Brands says it’s no longer pursuing a $60 million plan to relocate its headquarters and meat processing facility — along with 250 jobs — to Milwaukee’s Century City.

“It was our hope that Strauss Brands’ move to Milwaukee’s Century City neighborhood would have created jobs, provided an economic boost, and inspired other businesses to follow suit,” said Randy Strauss, president and CEO of Strauss Brands, in a statement Monday. “We honor and respect the opinions of the community and don’t want to make our home in a place where our presence would not be seen as a benefit. We are no longer pursuing relocation to Century City.”

The project is now likely headed back to the city of Franklin, where Strauss Brands already has a location. Randy Strauss could not be reached for further comment. A source close to the company said Strauss had reached out to Franklin Monday to discuss the option of undertaking the expansion near its current facility in the Milwaukee County suburb.

Congratulations to the social justice warriors!  Victory is theirs!

Economic revitalization to an area that desperately needs it, 250 jobs – mostly to minorities based on the demographics?  All gone.

And for what?  It’s not like Strauss won’t open the meat processing facility.  The same number of cows will still be slaughtered.  They’ll just be slaughtered somewhere else.

A triumph of unemployment – and a boost for the resultant government dependency.  All rolled up into one.

Great going, guys.  You sure do know how to jump-start an economy and provide hope to people who need it.

Just think of what you can do if one of your own – say, Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders – makes it to the Oval Office.

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  • A strong economy and low unemployment is terrible for Democrat politicians. If people aren’t reliant on the government, they have no reason to vote for a Democrat.
    I think Nancy Pelosi made it clear during the Obama years when she touted more people on food assistance was a good thing.
    How many different programs do we have that all do the same thing?
    How much out every dollar actually goes to the people in need?
    What percentage goes to running the program???
    Questions that you will find no answers for.

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