As you may be aware, the “Central Park 5” were five young Black boys who were accused of raping a White female jogger in New York’s Central Park, 30 years ago (the night of April 19th, 1989 to be exact).  Years later, they were cleared of the rape itself, when DNA evidence showed it was performed by another male.

To commemorate this anniversary, Netflix is running a series, called “When They See Us” which assures viewers that these were five innocent youngsters, falsely accused of the rape for no reason other than that they were young and Black.

The problem?  That characterization is not true at all.  The five boys in question may not have specifically raped the victim (Patricia Meili), but a) they were already career criminals, b) they were part of the crowd of “wilding” Black youths who went on a crime spree that night, including Ms. Meili’s rape and c) while not doing the raping, they facilitated it by, among other things, beating Ms. Meili so badly that she lost one of her eyes.

Want some particulars?  Read this excerpt from John Perazzo’s article for frontpagemag.com – and then, by all means, use the link and read every word:

During the half-hour just prior to their attack on Miss Meili, the Central Park Five and their two-dozen-plus comrades participated in multiple random beatings of other passersby in the park. For example:

  • Shortly after 9 p.m., they punched and kicked an elderly Hispanic man into unconsciousness before stealing his sandwich and pouring beer over him.
  • A few minutes later, they shouted “Whitey” and “Fucking white people” while attempting to assault a white couple who were riding a tandem bicycle.
  • Three minutes after that, they beat a 52-year-old male pedestrian.
  • Within another five minutes, they threw rocks and sticks at a 33-year-old white man named David Good, who managed to flee the scene.
  • Five minutes later, they struck a 30-year-old white banker named David Lewis, who likewise was able to flee.
  • And a few minutes after that, they beat a 40-year-old white schoolteacher named John Loughlin into unconsciousness.

Then they turned their attention to Trisha Meili.

Prior to April 19, 1989, the members of the Central Park Five had already burnished their credentials as demons in their respective neighborhoods. Kharey Wise, who supplied the metal pipe that was used to bludgeon Miss Meili, was a crack cocaine user and a gang member who routinely terrorized the tenants of a local housing complex. Antron McCray was well known for his menacing behavior and violent attacks directed against teachers at his school. And Yusef Salaam, who was allegedly the first to pummel Miss Meili’s head with Kharey Wise’s lead pipe, was fond of robbing people in Central Park. Having been recently suspended from school for weapons possession, Salaam was described by police as the “most vicious” of the five.

These are the “innocent young victims” portrayed in When They See Us – the ones who, you may be interested to know, received a $41 million dollar settlement from New York City, courtesy of its wonderful Mayor, Bill De Blasio.

So tell me:  what does this show the Netflix series to be, other than a disgraceful mangling of the facts, which relies on one issue (they didn’t actually perform the rape, they just brutally enabled it) to essentially minimize or outright exonerate them of everything else.

Welcome to the world of revisionist history, Entertainment-Industry-wise.


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