Until 1950, the 10 year United States Census questionnaire asked people whether they were citizens.

Then it was dropped.  Until Now.

President Trump and his people want that question back in the census data.  And, I am certain, CNN – which hates Trump’s guts more than a mongoose hates a snake – understands why.

From Catherine E. Soichet’s article for CNN, titled “Why putting a citizenship question on the census is a big deal”, we have this:

It sounds like a small change, in a survey many people forget about minutes after they take it.

But the Trump administration’s plan to put a citizenship question back on the US census is a big deal.
Even if talk about polls and statistics usually makes your eyes glaze over, here’s why you should pay attention:
The census isn’t just an academic exercise. It’s the basis for deciding the number of representatives each state gets in Congress and how billions of dollars in federal funds are distributed.


Bingo.  That’s it.

If non-citizens are counted, thus identified, they can be removed from the total count when determining how many house members each state has.  The more non-citizens in the population, the lower the total count for representation purposes, thus the greater the possibility that a state might have fewer representatives in the house.

That is why, CNN being CNN, the rest of Ms. Soichet’s article gives you all the reasons this is a bad idea.  It is also why every leftist venue I’ve read that talks about the census hates this question as well.

I have two words for them.  Suck wind.

Representation is a function of legal citizenry.  Not of non-citizens, whether here legally or illegally.

Legal immigrants have nothing to fear by saying they are not citizens.  Why?  Because they are legal.

The only immigrants who have anything to fear are illegals.  And if, due to their fear, they don’t fill out census forms, I guess the states that welcome illegals with open arms (“sanctuary state” status, anyone?) will not be able to use them to get extra representatives they have no legal right to.

For that, I have one word.  Good.

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