This chart is straight from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

It is over two weeks old, which means if you didn’t see it or read it, whatever media you rely on for news decided you shouldn’t know about it.


What does it say?

It says that, of the then-161,392 deaths attributed to COVID-19, a grand total of 6% (roughly 9,684) were caused exclusively by the virus.

In other words, the number of deaths actually caused by COVID-19 is far, far less than the total our media blindly, mindlessly put up as if every one who had the virus died of it.

To make this more understandable:  if someone who tested positive for COVID-19 died in a car crash, it counts in the total.  Ditto for someone who had a heart attack, or pancreatic cancer, or committed suicide, or fell off a cliff in Yellowstone Park.

In other words, while I am not – repeat, not – trying to minimize either the seriousness or the danger of COVID-19, I am trying to show you that the data used to indicate how extensive its fatality rate is, are greatly exaggerated.

Why do you suppose?

Make of this what you will.


  • Add to that the number of cases. Whether the person needs medical attention or not any positive is counted. Most covid infections are no more than a bad cold for those younger people without comorbidities. Also, we have seen many false positive lab results. Other countries are only counting the people that need medical attention because of the virus.

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