Another horrific attack.

What we know so far – at least from initial reports – is that a male shooter opened fire on the staff of the (Annapolis, Maryland) Capital Gazette this afternoon.

At least 5 dead and others “gravely wounded”, which suggests that fatality number is going to rise.

Why did he do this?  Was it political?  Was he a disgruntled current or former employee?  We don’t know.  And it is pointless to jump to conclusions.

I’ll update with details as they become available.No other details yet.

UPDATE: From NBC News:. Washington, we have this:

The suspected shooter is 39-year-old Jarrod Ramos, three senior law enforcement officials briefed on the matter told NBC News. Anne Arundel County police declined to provide the suspect’s name. 

The suspect threatened the community newspaper on social media, police department spokesman Lt. Ryan Frashure said in a briefing Thursay night. 

“This individual had some type of vendetta against the Capital newspaper, and they were specifically targeted,” he said. 

Is this correct? Is this the last word?

Probably not, since initial reports are almost always either inaccurate or incomplete.

More as we find out about it.

FURTHER UPDATE:  Now we have this, from the Capital Gazette’s Kevin Rector and Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs:

On Thursday evening, federal and local law enforcement officials blocked off with crime-scene tape the Laurel apartment complex listed as the address for Ramos, whose dispute with the Capital began in July 2011 when a columnist at the paper covered a criminal harassment case against him.

In 2012, Ramos brought a defamation suit against the columnist and the paper’s former editor and publisher. In 2015, Maryland’s second-highest court upheld a ruling in favor of the Capital Gazette and a former reporter who were accused by Ramos of defamation.


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