Donald Trump says he will release his medical records.  But only if Hillary Clinton releases hers.

Hillary Clinton clearly has no intention of releasing her medical records – which means that Donald Trump is playing a rope-a-dope game on the public – i.e. knowing that if the standard is her release of medical records he will never be forced to make good on doing the same.  Much as Clinton has done with the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street companies.

As a voter, I demand that BOTH of them.  Donald Trump AND Hillary Clinton – immediately release their records.  No “I’ll do it if she does” crap, let’s see those records.

We have a right to know the physical and mental health of who we are being asked to put in the White House, and hand control of our armed forces to.

No ifs, ands or buts.  No excuses.  Those records.  From both of them.  NOW.

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