You’ve got to love this.

Excerpted from David Siders and Carla Marinucci’s article at – and please pay special attention to the last paragraph, which I’ve put in bold print:

California Democrats are united in their disdain for President Donald Trump. But that’s about all they can agree on.

Heading into the annual state Democratic Party convention in San Diego this weekend, the Democratic-controlled Legislature is mired in a contentious sexual harassment scandal. Cutthroat primaries have party officials on edge. And grass-roots activists are still seething, nearly two years after Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary.

Escalating the tension in the nation’s most populous state, the national party and a handful of other outside groups are beginning to muscle into crowded congressional races, hoping to head off a nightmare scenario in which the state’s unusual, top-two primary system results in no Democratic candidate at all appearing on November ballots in several key races.

“The gloves are coming off,” said Joshua Morrow, executive director of 314 Action, a political action committee that announced this week it will spend at least $1 million on television ads in the Los Angeles area ahead of the June primary, seeking to bolster three preferred Democrats running in crowded primaries.

The state convention — which is expected to draw several thousand activists and party officials — comes as California Democrats seek to highlight their dominance as a model for the party nationwide.

Chaos, disarray, possible mayhem.  This is a way of highlighting their dominance as a model for the party nationwide?  This is supposed to be an attractive, positive situation?

Well, if they say so….

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  • I so hope no Democrat makes it on the ballot. I hate the system they adopted where the top 2 candidates are on the ballot. It made for many races where the only choice was a Democrat. Those are the kind of rules you get when one party is too dominate.

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