The initial report is devastating.

At about 11:20 last night, a masked man wearing a trenchcoat shot his way into the Borderline Bar, described as a “country bar”, in Thousand Oaks, California, during “Student Night”.  Once in the bar, he kept shooting and tossing smoke grenades until at least12 (so far) were dead and 12 – 15 injured\.  He then killed himself.

What a sick, heartbreaking disaster this is, most especially for the victims’ families and friends.

There is little doubt that more information about this mass murderer will become available during the day.  And, as always, a high likelihood that initial information is incorrect.

I suggest we all hold our opinions of who he is, whether he acted alone, who/what influenced him, etc. until we know what we’re talking about.


UPDATE: The gunman has been identified as 28 or 29 year old Ian Long.  He is described as being a marine veteran, who apparently had mental issues earlier this year, but a decision was made not to commit him.

I still have seen no information regarding what his motive was for killing 12 people, injuring at least a dozen others and then taking his own life. More as I know it.

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