Until the last week, we were told that there was a tight race in the United Kingdom between Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

It wasn’t even close.

With all but one of the 650 seats in Parliament decided, Johnson’s party, needing 326 for a majority, sits at 364 – with Labor, in shatters, at just 32.2% (smaller parties won the remaining seats).

In voting percentage, Conservatives won 43.6% of the vote and Conservatives 32.2%.

I could write a lot more about the implications of this vote for the UK.  But I think I’ll stick with what it means for the US instead.

Boris Johnson is very much like Donald Trump.  A blunt spoken maverick who is far removed from conventional politics and conventional political behavior.  Looking at them, it’s possible they even share the same hairstylist.

And, like Donald Trump in 2016, polling in the months prior to the election did not show him/his party anywhere near the levels they ultimately reached.

In September and October, the Conservative Party numbers were in the high 20’s to early 30’s; far, far from yesterday’s 43.6% result.

Is the fact that this grew so significantly as the election got closer a harbinger of what Johnson’s maverick soul brother, Donald Trump, will see in 2020?

Well, as pointed out above, isn’t that what happened in 2016?  Why wouldn’t it happen again?

If I were a Republican, Boris Johnson’s path to victory – big victory – would be very happy, very edifying news.

If I were a Democrat, it would be sending shivers up and down my spine.


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