Why would President Trump put up a blunt force- quality tweet with this picture and verbiage?


Take a good look at who is behind those bars.  Please note that the people there include former Presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and President Trump’s own Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein.

Is this presidential? It doesn’t even make the high school sophomore cut.

Yes, the image and verbiage make a dramatic statement. Yes, President Trump has every reason to be exasperated by mueller’s ridiculous witch hunt investigation and the almost unfailingly negative coverage mainstream media have nailed him with throughout its duration.  And, yes, Trump had to deal with completely idiotic charges that he committed treason by daring to agree with some of what Vladimir Putin said during their summit.

But, even so, there is no excuse for displaying the subtlety level of a sledgehammer attack by putting up a visual like this.

You don’t win an argument against your enemies by doing precisely what you accuse them of.

As for the negative press President Trump will most assuredly be subjected to for this ill-conceived tweet?  Think of it as a self-inflicted case of blunt force trauma.

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