This might seem odd, even unexpected…ok, maybe very odd and very unexpected…

…but, as noted n Aleia Woods’ article for, several extremely popular Black rap artists have come out endorsing President Trump.

Most people already knew about Kanye West.

But then there was Lil Pump.  And Woka Flocka Flame.  And 50 Cent.  And, most recently, Lil Wayne….

….along with rapper-turned-movie star Ice Cube, who did not specifically endorse Trump but talked up his policies.

These names might not be familiar to you.  But I assure you they are familiar to millions and millions of rap fans, Black and non-Black alike.

Will these endorsements help President Trump among young people?

Well, let’s put it this way.  As my grandmother used to say about giving chicken soup to someone who was sick “I don’t know if it will help.  But it can’t hurt”.

We’ll see.

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