Do you remember hearing about  “An Evening with the Clintons”  – a series of events (if that’s the right word) featuring Bill and Hill, sitting on easy chairs, discussing their lives and taking questions from the audience?  You know, the tour that was supposed to generate great interest and result in sold-out arenas everywhere?

Well its first night took place yesterday, at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada – seating capacity of 19,800.

And how did it do? Were they able to contain the massive crowds that fought for those seats out of overwhelming desire to hear the Clintons talk about themselves?

Uh… problem.  They managed to sell a grand total of 3,300 of the 19,800 seats – apparently, with a good many of them discounted at the end just to bump up attendance and make it look less embarrassing.

With this in mind, can anyone seriously think the tour is going to do appreciably better in other arenas on other dates?

If so, why?

What don’t you know about the Clintons that you think you might find out in one of these self-promotional, ego-driven events?

Maybe they better re-name it “A Relatively Private, Probably Boring Evening with the Clintons”.

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  • At this rate, a couple more of these Billie ‘n Hillie events will draw in a cool 75 attendees.

    Will that number be more than the 3rd audience of Barry Soetoto [especially if there is no teleprompter] ?

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