A woman goes to the store to buy a chicken. 

She picks it up and starts smelling it.  Up, down, in and out. 

She becomes enraged, goes to the butcher and says “I wouldn’t buy this chicken at any price.  It stinks!” 

And the butcher, who has been watching this, says “Lady, could you pass that test?”

That’s an old Pearl Williams joke.  Maybe you found it funny, maybe you didn’t.

But, sadly, that joke is apparently becoming the new normal in selection of Supreme Court Justices.

Brett Kavanaugh, a man with as sterling a reputation as can be found anywhere throughout his entire professional life, is being defamed and humiliated because, 36 years after the fact, a woman who has lied repeatedly during this process claims that, when he was 17, he got drunk at a party, felt her up and tried to pull down the top of her bathing suit (it never came off).

That she decided he was trying to rape her and might have inadvertently murdered her is in her mind, but she cannot possibly know it for a fact and it cannot possibly be proven.

Now, as the FBI completes an “investigation” Democrats knew would yield nothing (it was already fully investigated by the Senate Judiciary committee), thus was only done to stall a vote for another week, Democrats are trying to take Kavanaugh down on the grounds that he committed perjury about his drinking while in high school and/or college.

Has it really come to this?  A supreme court nomination rests on whether, as a teenager, the nominee might have done more drinking than he said he did?

If that is the new standard, which future nominee from either party could possibly be selected for the Supreme Court?

That is the bigger Kavanaugh tragedy.  It sets an absolutely idiotic standard which, now that Democrats and their willing media lapdogs have forced it on us, is going to be used for every subsequent candidate, by Democrats and Republicans both.

Congratulations, guys.  You’ve certainly done a great service to the country.

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